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artocrat started with one simple goal: bring vibrant, original art into all homes.

We aim to make it easy to own hand-painted original art and to commission custom paintings from talented professional artists. 


Our professional artists each have 10+ years of experience painting custom art for clients all over the world, so there's no style or subject they haven't mastered. 


And you get karma points with every purchase. Every time you buy from artocrat, you support artists and fund development projects around the world.

We're friendly! Shoot us a message and say hello.


Social enterprises are businesses that apply their commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.

The way we see it, being a social enterprise is just like being any other kind of for-profit business, except when we think about what we sell and the way we do business, we design around the impact to humans and the environment.  When making choices for our customers and business, we find and use options that are more sustainable.


Every painting purchase you make from artocrat supports development projects around the world. You get amazing art, and the world gets a little boost. Nice!

Meet The Team

Erika Gemzer

Jay Parekh

Jacqueline Melesi

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